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Sociological Expertise +
Wellbeing-Centered Strategy +
Deep Listening +

Culture and Skill Building Trainings

What can we learn more about together?

  • Using Non-Violent Communication to Build Inclusive Organizational Cultures
  • Discerning the Next Right Thing: Making Decisions that Resonate
  • Self Care for World Changers
  • Lookism 101: Unpacking Beauty Culture, Ableism, and Fatphobia
  • Bad Allying: Real Talk about White Anti-Racism and White Supremacy


What can I facilitate for you?

  • Difficult conversations about insidious inequalities, so-so (and terrible) work cultures, and communication fails
  • Visioning processes centered on building community and transformative relationships in organizations
  • People-centered strategic planning processes


Who can I guide through the big questions and the next right choice?

  • Leaders working towards building inclusive and transformative organizational cultures
  • Academics transitioning beyond higher education

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